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Jan 5, 2013 1:30pm PST
be fished out of the liver for a rainy day on the gridiron. that's the ready energy source. but fructose, sweet part of the sugar, the molecule we seek, the reason why everybody likes sugar, that does not get turned into gleick co general. it gets turned into liver fat. and now one-third of america has nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a disease that wasn't even described until 1980. it is the biggest epidemic in the history of the world. >> it's -- and it's stunning to think about. and again, i think more people need to hear that particular message. the history of it is, well, but sugar -- it's not just the amount of sugar, but it's the rate at which it's absorbed in the body. you really talk about these sugary drinks as opposed to a piece of fruit, for example. which also has sugar in it. >> the reason fiber is so important -- the reason to eat your sugar as whole fruit and not as fruit juice, not as smoothies, is because the fiber helps reduce the rate of absorption from the gut into the bloodstream. when you juice it, it's all going to you and your liver gets overwhelmed and you get
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)